Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Maybe I'm a little too ambitious.

Maybe I just want yet again to show off the genius of my son.

Maybe I'm just sick and tired of changing diapers, but...

We're beginning to potty-train Lance. Not serious, hard-core potty training, but we're starting to introduce him to the idea. We bought him a little potty chair which we keep in the bathroom next to the "big potty," and we're starting to teach him the words associated with it. (He now points at the bathroom door and exclaims. "Pot-TY!" ) I change his diapers now in the bathroom, and have him sit on his potty for a minute. He seems to enjoy sitting on his potty, he just hasn't figured out yet what he's supposed to do in it!

I very nearly purchased pull-up training pants in the grocery store today, but I thought that might be taking it too far.

In a couple of months, I will be returning to school for my internship. It will be the equivalent of working a full-time job. Lance will be in the care of two very loving people during the day, and I would really like him to at least be on the way to potty-trained by that time. Many people tell me that boys don't usually train until they're 3 or 4, but I've also heard of many people whose little boys trained at 18-22 months.

Lance will be 18 months at the end of May.

So maybe it's not too ambitious.

I'm just not going to get stressed out about it. We'll see how it goes.


Damselfly said...

I've gotten Fly to poo six times now. At least he knows what it's for!

Anne/kq said...

Good luck! But remember that

The best laid plans of mice and men

Gang aft agly

And leave us naught but grief and pain

For promised joy.

We've been trying with Emma since she was about 2; she's now 4, knows all about it, but WON'T DO IT.

We've finally decided we're done buying Pull-Ups. When this box is done (it's a big box and she only uses one or two a day), we're not buying any more, ever. She can use the toilet or she can pee and poop herself. Her choice.

kelli said...

Doesn't hurt anything to try- good to get him familiar with the concept even if he doesn't catch on right away.

Jessica said...

Good Luck! And I'm envious. My potty training fun was not that successful, but we are still trying! I think a gradual teaching is best!

Awesome Mom said...

I am going hard core this summer after the move. I am going to try and potty train both Evan and Harry. I think that Evan would happily poop in his diaper until he graduated college, so I am pushing him a bit. Harry I am going to go easy on since he is still rather young.

Michelle in Mx said...

Just got mly second merit badge for potty training my 2 year old boy (who will be 3 in August) and many a time I wanted to just keep him in diapers until puburty got him motivated! But we kept with it, my methond is going around without anything on at all. May be a shirt. And as I speak he is running comando . . if you know what I mean. But at least he starts the day in undies and pants, takes them off himself to use his little potty and doesn't bother to put them back on. I've found pull ups are still diapers for kids. I'd only use them for naps. Once you have sucess, I'll make a merit badge for you too in this girls club called Motherhood. The other badge I'm working on is making a cup of coffee from beans to sipping the java with a grabby 7month old in your arms the whole time. Loads of fun!
OH, and about retro prayer . . TOTALLY believe in it! Why? Because God is not in Time. Thanks for the prayers.

Gerbil said...

good luck, we've been taking a relaxed attitude with jacob (22 mos) and he goes if we time it right but he still can't what having to go actually feels like until he's going.

Michelle in Mx said...

ps, send me your e-mail pls?

Amber said...

We started doing the same with Hadley at that time.

It took her two years to finally do it.

I am not pushing it with Bode. For my sanity, alone....

the dragonfly said...

I dread potty training.


This is mostly because when we start the Sergeant will very likely still be gone, but even if he were here...


(I'm going to have to get past this sometime. I know. But for now...)


Mamacita Tina said...

Best wishes. He may love the idea and really jump into it.

My son, ha. He fought it, I gave up. Then when HE proposed one day to wear just underwear, it took. He was 3 1/2.

Damselfly said...

Happy Mother's Day!