Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Which I Explain My Injury

I could tell you that Lance hit me with a hammer.

I could tell you that I slipped and fell on a wet pool deck.

I could tell you that I dropped a bowling ball mid swing.

I could tell you that I was performing some complicated gymnastics excercise.

But all of those would be dirty, nasty lies.

I was practicing piano. I was trying to play octaves, and my hand just isn't quite large enough. So I strained my wrist. It's been hurting for a week. Some of you may remember when I tweeted about it last week.

That wrist brace makes lots of things difficult like typing, and even lifting Lance.

So like a fool, I took the brace off so I could write this post.

Already I am regretting that decision.



Heather said...

That's hard-core! A piano injury. Yikes!

Haley said...

Wow, you must play some serious piano! :-)

Hope it feels better really soon girly!

P.S. I get more excited about scrapping with you everyday!

Susan said...

Take care of yourself.


Susan said...

I saw your post about childcare on my Google Reader, but I don't see it here. Since I'm getting ready to head out...I want to suggest that you call the school (or talk to your supervising teacher) and ask what the teachers do. You might find that there's someone who knows of someone...and often teachers "share their sitters".

I'm praying...cause I know that can be so very stressful.



Beck said...

Poor you! :(

Mango Tango said...

What is with girls in this family getting pathetic sounding injuries? Mom just had toe surgery, you had an octave accident and I was tragically wounded in a game of duck duck goose. I wonder if there's a name for people like us?

the dragonfly said...

Wow, a piano injury. Yikes.

Not long after my husband left for his first deployment (autumn 05) I fell down the stairs in my townhouse THREE TIMES. The third time I sprained BOTH wrists. Two braces. Sheesh. It was hard to do anything. I'm so thankful I didn't have a little one then!!

Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

Paúl R. said...

Dear Guinevere,
Please, do not blame yourself; you have done nothing wrong, you have just followed the widespread learning/teaching approach, and you experienced the consequences of it. Besides, your piano-playing related health problems do not really need at all to be associated with playing while being pregnant, either. Whoever your piano teachers were (it could have been yourself), they didn't know how to work on the piano-player's hand, they all were told to "just use it" (even though a group of teachers had found better way of doing it, almost a century ago). Hopefully, this safer teaching will make its way, and soon, so at least your children could be spared the health troubles you're experiencing.

chelle said...

OUCH! Heal quick!

Damselfly said...

My story for injuries is usually that I got into a fight with a tough Puerto Rican chick. Which actually almost happened to me once, so....