Monday, July 21, 2008

In Which I Reveal How Pitiful I Am

I told you yesterday about my crazy injury when I got involved in a fist fight with a tough latina chick.

This Friday, I am having my wisdom teeth out.

You know it's time to have your wisdom teeth out when chewing a soft chocolate chip cookie causes agony.

And since the wrist is still sore, typing is causing another kind of agony. Going to the doc tomorrow for the wrist.

Crazy week, huh?


Heather said...

Man. I hope it gets better for you!

Brent Ozar said...

HAHAHA, dang you, I read that and I immediately said to myself, "Whoa - I thought she injured her hand playing the piano?" I went back and reread the old blog entry to make sure. You got me there for a second.

Haley said...

Feel better soon girlie!!! And I tried to warn you about fighting...but would you listen???? Nooooooooooo??


Awesome Mom said...

Just think, soon you will be high on some really good painkillers. If you want to make a few extra dollars you can sell some of them on the street.

chelle said...

egads ... the pain killers totally should help! Hang in there!