Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Which I Smugly Gloat

Heh heh heh...

I've had the same conversation that I'm sure many of you have had with your mom-pals- bemoaning the unfairness in which our husbands get to take "sick days" from work when they stay in bed all day and are able to get better, but when we, the moms, get sick, there is no such thing as taking a sick day. Unless it happens to occur on Hubby's day off, our sick days aren't much different from normal days.

So I'm a little smug about the fact that my husband is on his 3rd day of playing Mr. Mom and getting a small taste of what my life is like every single day. My surgery was on Friday. He took Friday off, which means that his whole weekend has been spent as my normal weekdays are. Ha!

I shouldn't be so smug about this. I had to smile to myself when Hubby begged me to come get out of bed and "sit with Kiddo" so he could wash the dishes. I didn't say anything to him, but I derived a great deal of pleasure in the knowledge that I manage to wash the dishes every single day while Kiddo is awake with no one else to "sit" with him. Kiddo's schedule has gotten way, way off, but he seems to be adjusting just fine to the difference in his primary caregiver.

It's been a little humbling for me too, though, to see Kiddo being taken care of in such a different manner than I do. I think it's good for him and me, too.

I am really very grateful to my husband for stepping up like this, taking such good care of us. Tomorrow he goes back to work, and things will return to normal. Hopefully I won't be so swollen and dependent on strong pain meds!!


Awesome Mom said...

I want to have my husband learn what my at home life is like so bad. I have just not been able to come up with a way to do it. Hmm maybe if I break both my legs or something... naw that would be too painful. I am glad that your hubbie is doing such a good job!

Damselfly said...

Are there some other surgeries you could have done?


Dr. Cason said...

It is interesting to see how they do things different. Sometimes when I'm tempted to say something, I bite my tongue and watch instead.

It's normally very cute and the kids respond well to it!

I like your new spot- I'll be watching you! :)

carrie said...

isn't all that the truth. Mine lays in bed and groans and moans. What a life.