Friday, July 4, 2008

When Hubby's Away, the Wife Will Play

Hubby has gone off with my dad and a bunch of other friends to the 145th anniversary of the Battle at Gettysburg. We're civil war reenactors, you see. I would have gone along, but it's a long trip for Lance, and Gettysburg is *such* a big event. 40,000 reenactors plus their families, in many cases, all in identical white canvas tents. If Lance were to get lost out there, we wouldn't find him for days.

So I elected to come spend the week with my mom and my sister. So far, we have:

1. Made homemade play-dough and spent hours squishing it and rolling it into balls and snakes
2. Played with bubbles
3. Ran through the sprinkler in the front yard
4. Visited the swans and geese at the lake in the center of town
5. Had a "Sister's Night Out" in which grandma stayed here and put Lance to bed for me

Later this afternoon, Lance and I will accompany my sister to a 4th of July party held at the home of the pastor of her church. This particular gathering is the "young adult" group, so there will be people of my age there and a few who have children of their own. There will be pool volleyball, possibly jet skiing, and fireworks!

To come later in the week- a trip to the box office of our performing arts center to buy tickets for Craig Ferguson and Pink Floyd, a shopping excursion to the Downtown Disney Marketplace, and hopefully a visit with an old friend I haven't seen for nearly a year.

Oh and of course, lots of trips to Starbucks. Normally, Starbucks is a once-in-awhile treat. I figure, though, if Hubby can spend hundreds of dollars on train tickets to go do something fun without me, I can blow some cash on expensive coffee every day for a week.

So there.


Anne/kq said...

You're reenactors? I didn't know that! That's awesome! We don't have as many out here (though we do have people into period costuming; I met a lot of them when I was in the Costumers Guild, and of course we also have SCA people here, as all over the world); there just aren't as many things to reenact. There are a few at forts here and there, and some at the Spanish mission La Purisima up near Santa Barbara. But for the most part not much for reenactors to do here, other than movies.

Mamacita Tina said...

Sounds like great times! Starbucks, yum, mmmmm, enjoy!

Haley said...

Woohoo for Starbucks! :-)

BTW, so glad you could become part of the addictive world that is facebook! :-)

Susan said...

Awwww...sounds like you're having fun while your hubby is away! That's a good thing. I can't believe you were in Tampa today! We really need to time a meeting sometime.

I think you totally deserve your Starbucks...enjoy!! If the lake is the one I am picturing, I am wondering if it's near my former college fun to see the ducks and geese there.

:-) Susan

Amber said...

SUCH a blast! I am glad you are having a grand ol' time with a few splurges of your own. :-)

Beck said...

Hey! I wonder if you saw my in-laws there in previous years?

Damselfly said...

You crack me up! Glad you're having fun.