Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

I'm so proud of myself.

I have purchased an incredible, romantic, meaningful gift for my husband for his first father's day.

There is something he has been anxious to have for a long time, and I have gotten it for him!

It is a thing of prestige, a symbol of wealth, and will make him popular with his coworkers. (Not that he needs it. Everyone loves him!)

It is...

Dum de dum dum dum...

Drum roll please...

Wait for it....

a lava lamp.

My husband wants a lava lamp for his desk at work.

It was not what I was expecting him to ask for.

Not just ANY lava lamp.

Purple with yellow lava.

And I found it.

On my second shopping excursion for lava lamps, I found it.

At Target.

I'm feeling very smug.

Have a great Father's Day weekend, everyone!


Susan said...

Toooo funny! This is just a reminder that they really are just "big kids". I love that you found the one that is "JUST RIGHT"! Happy Father's Day to your Hubby!!

:-) Susan

Damselfly said...

What, no photo?!

The best thing about this gift, as I see it, is that some guy will come walking past your husband's desk on Monday:

Guy: Cool lava lamp.
Husband: Yeah, my wife gave it to me for Father's Day!
Guy: Oh, uh, yeah. That's ... nice. (thinking what kind of wife gives her husband a lava lamp for Father's Day)



Anne/kq said...

That's great. I'm cracking up thinking of it.