Thursday, June 7, 2007

Prayer Request

Good afternoon!

Today, my sister is on an airplane heading for the Dominican Republic on a 2-week mission trip. She will be working in a medical clinic. Please pray for safe travel, protection while abroad, and that God will use her in a mighty way. Also that she will have life-changing experiences and come to know God's will for her life.

This is her second mission trip. A couple of years ago she went to Uganda. She really has a heart to minister to those in other countries who may not have learned who our God is. She's really amazing for a 20-year old!

Here is a photo of us when we were children. I'm on the left, my grandfather is in the middle, and Natalie is on the right. Looking at the picture, I'm guessing I was about 9 and she must have been 5. Enjoy!


Darlene said...

What an awesome sister. I'll pray for her. You look so adorable!!

Damselfly said...

You girls are both so cute! I just want to give you a hug! Where's my time machine ...?

Susan said...

What a great thing she is doing! My boys have gone on a couple of trips and want to go again. DH went to the Dominican a few years was a blessing. She's in my prayers.

:-) Susan

Anne/kq said...

My mom went to the DR on a mission trip a few years back. She's a nurse, and her nurse practitioner friend and a surgeon were the only other medical personnel there, the others were untrained volunteers. She ended up running the pharmacy because there was no one else qualified (and probably saving several kids' lives, as the surgeon made several errors in prescription dosages.) When she came back she started giving things away; she could not abide the fact that she had so much.

She also came back with a parasite that sent her into congestive heart failure, despite being very careful about what she ate and drank (although she didn't know it was a parasite that did it until a year later when the doc she worked with diagnosed her.) So please make sure your sis gets checked out thoroughly when she gets back!