Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 5

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I didn't lose any weight this week. In fact, I gained some weight. However, I also went to the gym four times, drank plenty of water, and made a conscious effort to add fruits and veggies to my diet.

This week also happens to be my monthly ride on the crimson tide, so perhaps I'm retaining all that extra water I drank!

While it's disappointing to see the numbers go up on the scale, I'm happy to report that I am indeed establishing healthier habits and I can feel it. I have more energy and stamina, I'm sleeping better, and my clothes fit better.

Pooh on you, Mr. Scale.

Here are the numbers:

Starting weight: 157
Last week: 151.2
This week: 153.2

Total weight loss- 3.5 pounds (I'm keeping my button though, because I *did* lose 5 pounds! I just have to lose a couple of them again! lol!)


Denise said...

You are doing really good lovely one.

ammo said...

yeah, keep the good attitude. Any little bit helps.

Mom said...

That gain could easily be from your Aunt Flo's visit. I always retain fluid at that time. Keep at it. I also get the urge to munch like crazy around that time too. It's hard to fight that.

Mama Bear June said...

Love your phrase - monthly ride on the crimson tide. Sounds like quite a few of us have had to face that challenge! Hang in there!

My scale seems to be neurotic. Not sure how much I trust it anymore! ;-)

Joo said...

Funny how women on the Challenge seem to be cycling together now...
You are doing great! keep it up!

Damselfly said...

Oh, it's *impossible* for me to lose weight during that time of the month. I don't even try.

Thea said...

Keep up the great attitude, that's half the battle sometimes! Good luck this week!