Thursday, June 21, 2007

Throwback Thursday

Hey, I like this idea!

Throwback Thursday. A peek back in time!

My sister has recently started scanning in our old family photos, and I've got a handful of them, so here is what I have dug up for you today.

I was in a baton twirling group when I was about 11. We were called "Victory Twirlers." The group was run by a home-schooling mom, and most of the girls in the group were homeschooled. She opened the group up to girls in our church as well, so my little passel of pals from Sunday School and our little sisters joined in!

(I'm in the purple uniform at the far left, my little sister is in the pink uniform at the far right.)

We marched in parades all over the state. (We lived in California at the time.) We did Christmas parades, 4th of July Parades, local festival parades, etc etc. It was so much fun!

I wasn't crazy about having my hair put up in a bun and being attacked with hair spray. To this day, I never use hair spray. I hate the stuff.

So here's a photo of us in our cute baton-twirling outfits making goofballs of ourselves.

*Note: this was taken on the day of our "professional" picture day. After we all had to pose for what seemed like hours, my dad got out his camera and let us be ourselves! Good ol' Dad!

Have some old photos you'd like to share? Hop on over to Pinks and Blues Girls and join in the fun!!


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

This is a FABULOUS picture! I love the goofy faces you're all making! And how cool of your Dad to just let you guys be silly after all the posing!

You can tell you all were having a great time. This is so cute!!

Thanks for sharing!

Jane, P&B Girls

Susan said...

What a great memory. Thanks for sharing it with us. You're right, it's usually the "goofy" pictures that dredge up the most memories.


:-) Susan

Dawn said...

What gorgeous colors! How fun that must have been :)

Happy TT - come see my goofy pic LOL

Damselfly said...

How did I miss this post?!

You know what's so funny is that I tried to pick you out of the lineup and chose your sister instead! I should have known you are the wild and crazy one with your leg up being held by that other twirler!