Sunday, June 10, 2007

Of Zerbits and Funny Faces

My little man's personality is starting to come out!

He loves to give kisses, which consist of a sloppy zerbit-like (some call it raspberries,) slobbery kiss on the cheek. He also loves to receive zerbits on his belly. He laughs and laughs!

He's starting making some funny faces! He's learned to crinkle up his nose and lips in an expression of disgust, as though he was detecting an unpleasant odor. (I'll try to get a picture of it. It's the funniest thing you ever saw!) Hubby and I were in stitches last night, trying to get him to make the face! He happily obliged, and hilarity ensued for much of the evening.

He talks! He tries to, anyway. He just babbles away at anyone who'll listen. Two of his favorite "words" are "ah-blah" and "deb-deb." lol! He also smacks his lips making a popping noise. Last night we were sitting in the church service and he just kept doing this over and over. It was cute, but distracting other people so I had to take him out! (Our church does have a nursery available and we usually put him in there, but because I wasn't singing with the band last night, I decided to keep him with me. I had attended a Women of Faith conference that day and only arrived at church halfway through the evening service. I will write a post about Women of Faith later on. It was incredible!!)

As I've been sitting here typing this, I've been keeping an ear out for when he falls asleep for his morning nap. The nursery is now quiet, so I'm off to shower and get dressed and have breakfast. Have a lovely day!


Susan said...

Awwww...I MISS these moments! They grow so fast. May God continue to give you precious stories about your little man.

:-) Susan

Damselfly said...

Ah blah!

Amber said...

What a doll! I LOVE that stage. It's been even more fun with two kids to see the differences in their little personalities (Bode is MUCH more cautious, cuddly and mellow).