Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Question

For those of you who share a bathroom with the significant male in your life-

Do all men have pitiful aim, or am I just lucky???


Awesome Mom said...

Um I think all men have bad aim. That is why I am teaching my boys to sit down when potty training time happens.

Jessica said...

I agree with awesome mom. I am dreading the potty training time...which is quickly approaching! AAAHHHH!!!! I better stock up on my Clorox Wipes!

Susan said...

Honey, I live with two and a half grown men and two boys (five males in all) and they don't always have the greatest aim...although DH has learned. Teaching the others, though....UGH!!

Good luck,

:-) Susan

kelli said...

Mine has pretty good aim. However, somehow he manages to spit ALL over the mirror while he brushes his teeth. His side is always really gross. I don't know if he leans too close or what.

And I'm sure he's so glad I shared that.