Sunday, June 24, 2007

Something New

Lance did something new today!

From lying down, on his back, he sat himself up without help from us. (Well, we held his feet down, but he used his own strength to get himself sitting up!)

Funny how things like this get us moms excited. :) Happy Sunday!


Beck said...

That IS exciting!
My Boy is only in pre-kindergarten, by the way - still just a little guy himself. And he knows his teacher appreciates his sense of humour - he has fairly appropriate boundaries.

Beck said...

Nope, I wasn't offended. I do know that a lot of teachers wouldn't find that funny, but he's not a bad kid at all - he's sort of a goody-goody, actually, which is part of the reason his teacher found it charming. You know, I'm not scared of snakes at all but I'm terrified of MICE!

Susan said...

What fun to record and share those "firsts" in your precious little boy's life. Aren't they FUN to watch???? It just doesn't seem that long ago for really does go fast. Enjoy every second.

:-) Susan

Anne/kq said...

Yay for sitting up! Woo-hoo! *applauds*